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Loan Rates

Personal Loans

Line-of-Credit, Debt Consolidation, Overdraft Protection
12.00% - 18.00%

Visa Credit Cards

Classic 12.00% - 18.00%
Platinum 9.50% (Minimum $5,000)

New and Used Auto

Titled Cars, Trucks & Vans
2.44% - 18.00%

Miscellaneous Secured

Motorcycles, Off-Road Vehicles, Boats, Watercraft, Computers,Hot Tubs, RV's & Mobile Homes
3.64% - 18.00%

Real Estate

Home Equity Line-of-Credit

4.25% Adjustable (8/2/2015 - 8/1/2016)

First Mortgages

15 year fixed rates ... call for current rates
20% minimum down payment required
***A mortgage processor is used and loans could be sold on the secondary market.***

Deposit Secured Loans

Using open savings.....4.25%

All loans are granted and interest rates are set on the basis of the individual loan applicants qualifications, credit standing and ability to repay. The base rate may be adjusted depending on the specific loan types, term and down payment. Please talk with a loan officer for more information. Base loan rates are periodically reviewed by the board of directors.