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Online Banking

<-- To access It's Me 247, just click on the blue  It's Me 247 button located on the left side panel of all supporting webpages or on the right side of the home page.

Newrizons online banking services It's Me 247 gives you tons of choices!

  1. View your accounts transactions in real time.
  2. See what checks have cleared.
  3. View pending debit transactions as well as all that have already cleared your account.
  4. Check when a deposit has come into your account or is about to be electronically deposited
  5. Set up automatic transfers to pay your Newrizons bills or use the free ebill payments to send checks when you want.
  6. Apply for a loan or set up new savings accounts.
  7. Use the New Money Desktop to track all your incoming and outgoing transactions from your Newrizons accounts AND from your other financial institutions. Set up a budget and track what you spend. See when you're close to your limit and when you're under or over.  It's safe, secure, and FREE.
  8. My Virtul StrongBox to store critical documents. Click here to find out more!


Try our telephone banking too!  Call 877.798.6880 from anywhere in the United States anytime!