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Business VISA

Newrizons VISA business credit card helps finance some needs of your business and makes day-to-day purchases easy.

  • Multiple cards available for employees under one umbrella account
  • Low, competitive variable rates*
  • No fees for balance transfers from other high interest cards



*Rates are determined based on credit worthiness, ability to repay, type of loan, and term of the loan. Come in or call to talk with a loan officer for more information.

Lost or Stolen Debit or Credit Card?

Losing or having Debit or VISA cards stolen can be very scary for anyone. Here's what to do as soon as you discover you don't have your card.

Step 1- Call Newrizons 360-533-4760 immediately. Always call Newrizons. Leave a message if we're closed. We'll get back to you the next business day.

Next, if we're closed, For Credit Cards, Call 800-528-2273 to block all activity. For Debit Cards, Call 800-528-2273 to block all activity.

Step 2- Contact the Police Department. If it was stolen, report the loss to the local police department to best protect you from fraud. Record the case number and the name of the officer who took your report. We may need this information later if additional charges are made against your account.

Step 3- Order a New Card. Newrizons will open a new account or simply order new cards with different numbers for you whichever is the best to protect you.

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