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About Us

Ever wonder why 85 million Credit Union members stay Credit Union members?

Because Credit Unions put people, not profits, first. Credit Unions began more than 150 years ago in Europe, when a group of ordinary people pooled their resources in cooperative financial organizations without stockholders or investors. And today, over 36,000 Credit Unions continue this tradition.

When a person joins a Credit Union, he or she becomes a member. Not a customer. And members -- not outside investors -- pool their savings, lend money to one another, elect officers, decide on key issues, and provide other services in a cooperative relationship.

Credit Unions are right on the money for people. Today's Credit Unions offer a competitive array of products and services.

Unique advantages include:

  • Personalized service. With your Credit Union, red carpet servcies are not a privilege reserved for the elite. They are rights extended to all members, without exception.
  • Generally lower interest on loans. This is possible, in part, because there are no investors and shareholders who demand dividends.
  • Generally higher interest on savings and share certificates (CDs).
  • Attractive credit card rates. Many Credit Unions sponsor their own cards. As a result, they don't pay fees to other institutions. This savings is passed on to members through lower rates.
  • Trust, not just collateral. Credit Unions give people of ordinary means, who might not qualify for credit elsewhere, a low-cost alternative to commercial lenders.

So, the next time someone asks you, "Why are you a Credit Union Member?" Simply say, "Oh, I can think of about 85 million reasons."